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About Us


The Seguin Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) is a Type A Corporation under the laws of the State of Texas with a five-member Board of Directors appointed by the Seguin City Council. The SEDC was created in 1994 by voter referendum to create, attract, retain and expand business opportunities for Seguin and its residents. The Corporation is organized exclusively for the purpose of benefiting and accomplishing public purposes of the City of Seguin, Texas, by promoting, encouraging, and enhancing the creation of jobs in the City of Seguin through projects that assist in the retention of existing businesses and industries and the attraction of new businesses and industries and aid in their development and growth.

The SEDC is empowered to issue bonds, notes, and other forms of debt instruments on behalf of the City of Seguin. The SEDC was also sanctioned to acquire, maintain, lease, and sell property and interests on behalf of the City of Seguin. To date, the SEDC has worked diligently to fulfill its commitment in promoting economic development within the City to eliminate unemployment and underemployment.



Located thirty minutes east of San Antonio and forty-five minutes south of Austin, Seguin remains positioned to continue to compete well for future developments with ample developable property and excellent access to major thoroughfares of I-10 and SH130. With a population of over 30,000 people, Seguin is a diverse community that people of all incomes, ages, and backgrounds call home.


Seguin’s Retail Hub

Seguin serves as the retail hub for three major counties—Guadalupe, Gonzales and Wilson. Seguin is seeing business expansion citywide, with many nationally known retailers entering, returning and expanding in the market. Seguin’s retail sales remain strong with sales tax revenues steadily increasing approximately 3% in comparison to this time last year. With new housing developments and increased traffic counts, Seguin has seen the pace of commercial development greatly increase in the past two years.


Growth in Seguin

As Seguin experiences abundant commercial growth, the community’s housing market is thriving simultaneously. Seguin’s residential real estate market is booming with +4,000 new single-family rooftops planned as of June 2018.

Seguin continues to be one of the strongest manufacturing clusters in the region. As the nation experienced the effects of the economic downturn starting in 2008, Seguin added jobs at a rate almost unmatched in Texas. From 2008 to 2015, over 3,000 new jobs were created in Seguin thanks to major recruitment and expansion projects such as Caterpillar and Continental Automotive Systems. Today nearly 30% of Seguin’s workforce is employed within the manufacturing sector and over 4,000+ manufacturing jobs in the city, equating to nearly three times the national average. With a focus on housing development, primary job recruitment, attracting national retail chains, retention and expansion of current businesses, infrastructure improvements and small business development, The City of Seguin and Seguin Economic Development Corporation leadership continue to place economic development as a high priority.


Business Expansion in Seguin

The citywide business expansion that our community has seen in the past few years sets the tone for future growth. The city continues to recruit more retail developments, retain and expand its manufacturing sector and grow its housing market. Seguin maintains a growing, robust economy that continues to diversify as more and more businesses choose Seguin as their home.